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IRES International Renewable Energy Systems Inc

At International Renewable Energy Systems Inc (IRES), we believe you want to do the right thing, protect the environment, save money and have worry-free power supply. We will take care of it all! 

We enable you to realize your goal of responsibly ‘powering your homes and empowering your families’ using readily available solar and wind resource. We work with you to deliver this goal at very competitive cost and with an excellent lifecycle efficiency. 

Our solutions literally put your power use and contribution to reducing climate change in your hands! 

Now is the time to act in an environmentally responsible manner and we welcome you to join us on this proactive societal response to mitigate climate change.


Why Renewables ?

“Today, the utilization of renewable energy for power generation is both an environmentally friendly choice and a smart economic decision” – International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA 2018).

Onsite generation and utilization of electricity is more efficient than grid-supplied electricity as transmission and distribution losses and infrastructure costs are eliminated from the value chain – Natural Resources Canada (NRCAN 2018).


Why Solar and Wind?

“The most attractive renewable energy sources, from a cost perspective, are onshore wind and solar PV” (Forbes, 2019).

“Today’s wind energy is the lowest-cost source of new electricity in Alberta” – Canadian Wind Energy Association (2019).

Solar and wind make up ~90% of all renewable resource with potential for decentralized utilization excluding hydropower which is mostly centralized to grid systems and require distribution infrastructure.


Our Team

Our Mission Your Success

John Vrolijk President & Chief Executive

John is the President/CEO of the International Renewable Energy Systems Inc.

He spent the last 45 years in business in Alberta Canada. His business interests are varied from insurance, real estate to real estate development to retail and distribution of electronic identification devices.

As a businessman, John sees the writing is on the wall respecting the energy transition requirement as they apply to the environment. He is looking at the challenges that we will be faced with and proud to be part of the solution to these challenges.

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Chris Chukwunta Vice President

Chris is the Vice President of the International Renewable Energy Systems Inc. An executive with experience in a multinational energy company and in engineering consultancy who has led renewable energy start-up companies in Africa and North America. He is convinced that achieving a sustainable future for our world requires urgent, significant changes to how we access and utilise energy today.

Chris holds a master’s degree in systems engineering from Imperial College London and a bachelor’s degree in civil engineering. A certified Project Management Professional, Professional Engineer from the Association of Professional Engineers and Geoscientists of Alberta (APEGA), the Council for Regulation of Engineering in Nigeria (COREN), and a member of the Solar Energy Society of Alberta (SolarAlberta).

Chris is a United Nations Affiliated Technical Reviewer, a Commonwealth Sustainable Energy Transition (CSET) Action Group and Commonwealth Youth for Sustainable Urbanisation (CYSU) Steering Committee member, a national delegate at the World Federation of Engineering Organizations (WFEO) Young Engineers Future Leaders (YEFL), a facilitator of the Global Stakeholders Engagement for Youth Integration in Industry in the Middle East (Kuwait), Asia Pacific (Japan), South America (Peru), Europe (Rome) and the United Kingdom.

Chris served as an Appointed Trustee at the Imperial College Union Trustee Board, Member of the Trustee Board Governance Committee, amongst others. He continues to mentor youths and young professionals through the Imperial College London Alumni mentorship programme, University of Alberta Career Exploratory Interviews, Rotary Club Innovation and Mentorship hub, Alberta Mentoring Partnership, and Global Youth development programmes.

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Mark Polet Business Development

Mark is a biologist with over 40 years of experience, who with his wife Terri owned a number of companies, including an environmental services company and an environmental consultancy. 

They now work as advisors for companies with holistic bottom lines, helping their clients and communities thrive. Mark has worked on environmental projects in 24 countries. 

Mark is passionate about bringing engineers, scientists, and business together to provide environmental solutions in clean energy, clean water, clean food and clean air so all people can flourish.

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